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The Settlement Game

The Settlement Game
How To Settle an Estate Peacefully and Fairly

Facing the division of personal property in an estate?

Afraid of a conflict within your family when you do this ?

Keep peace and avoid conflict. . .This system teaches how to have family fun instead of a family feud.

Yes, send me your conflict resolution series.
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Help Your Heirs Divide Your "Stuff" - Not Your Family

After you are gone, will your Heirs be able to "Keep Peace" When Dividing Furniture and Personal Property? 

Take 5 minutes to answer 5 questions to see If there is a feud brewing among your children. This information could make a huge difference when the time comes for them to divvy up all of your "things" - (after your death.) In fact, it might even be what saves them from Conflict and Chaos when they go through the division process.  Any lawyer will tell you: "It's the 'little things' that people fight over." The system I'll reveal to you has proven to be effective whenever there is a need to divide personal property.  Not only is it practical advice for the division of property in an estate settlement, but also in a divorce, when down-sizing or even when a business closes and the assets need to be evenly divided among partners.

Here are the questions to consider:

Do you know the difference between a Will and an Estate Plan?
(This could make a huge difference to your heirs someday.)

  1. Are the relationships among siblings in good shape?
    (If so, Protect these relationships . . . insure that your kids remain friends.)
  2. Do you understand PERSONALITY DIFFERENCES and how to communicate with each type?  
    (In most families, siblings have different personality styles.)
  3. Do you worry about how your kids will someday divide your "things"?
    (Here's a system to help them do this "without" causing a family feud.)
  4. Do you think your family is "Bullet Proof". . . that there's no chance of a family feud erupting in the future? Are you sure there won't be any problems among your kids? 
    (NOTE:  Think again! That's the most tragic situation of all! - and it happens often over "the little stuff"!)

Welcome to Peaceful Settlements. I can offer you a PROVEN SYSTEM for dividing furniture and personal property in any situation, but especially during the settlement of an estate. Most lawyers agree- "...it's the little things that people usually fight over." (Especially heirs). But - - - there IS a better way!!. FINALLY- here's a "Practical Solution to an Age-Old Problem." Discover this common-sense approach that will make a difficult task much easier.

Listen to this free 90 second audio about this


A Question for Professionals

Are You Prepared To Advise Families RE: How to Divide Personal Property When Settling An Estate?

NOTE: This system has been proven effective in other situations that call for the division of personal property - (a divorce, down-sizing or a business closing which requires assets to be divided among partners.)

If you are a PROFESSIONAL who handles Estate Settlements or other situations requiring a division of furniture and personal property, here are a few other questions to consider:

  1. Are referrals important to your ongoing business?
         This System will help to keep peace...and YOU can show people "HOW".  Once you begin helping families in this way, you'll enjoy great success,and the families you help will be able to achieve "PEACEFUL SETTLEMENTS"! Naturally, they'll sing your praises whenever this comes up, and even better, they will also REFER you over and over again to other family members and friends.

  2. Have you struggled to find advice to give to families for dividing furniture and personal property? Do you have a Proven System to offer them for this process? Can you imagine how helpful it would be to find such a system?
        Imagine the satisfaction your clients will experience when you provide them with a step-by-step guide to take them through the entire division process. Actually, you can do this by simply handing them a book to read.  (And since people learn in different ways - you can offer this in their choice of either a printed book or Audio Book (CD). 
         By the way, the first sentence of Chapter 1 in this book clearly states:  "This book is not intended to be used as a replacement for the important and necessary legal services of an attorney."  So don't worry, this book can't replace your valuable services. However, it WILL position you as a very caring person - which is PRICELESS!!  In fact, your credibility will soar when clients discover that this  PROVEN SYSTEM has been in use for years and was endorsed by a past US Attorney General, Judge Griffin Bell, formerly associated with King & Spalding, LLP, Atlanta, Georgia.  As a matter of fact:  Judge Bell believed in this system so much that he wrote the Foreword for it! (It teaches how to use this "proven" system.) 
The Free Bird Flies

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